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Wash Park Modern Project Update!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

This awesome project was featured in our monthly newsletter in February. As this work in progress is nearing completion we thought it's about time to give you an updated inside look!


This house brings the beauty in through the clever use of large glass complimented by narrow stacked and fixed windows that provide both light and view to our beautiful Colorado colors. The custom shapes above allow a big sky view giving the impression of limitless overhead sky.

Mountain View Window & Door: Kevin Keefe, Managing Advisor

During After Interior

Modern architecture with copious glass accents including trapezoids & triangles which dominate the front and back of the house and compliment the exposed industrial steel beams and Cedar lined eaves. The max sized undivided glass expanses maximize the VIEW and assure visual excellence.

Learn more about Kevin and what he brings to the table!

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