Hometown: Watertown, SD

Specialist Subject: Prestigious Podcaster

Favorite Beverage: Bourbon on the rocks or a Manhattan

Ideal "View": Turkey Toe Links being replicated with mountains from Brandon Dunes!

Years in Industry: 17

Experience Led to MVWD: I have lived windows and doors my whole career!

Favorite Project: Remodeling our house

Architectural Inspirations: Our Art of Construction tribe! 

Jon Stambaugh

Logistics Director


Hometown: Alpharetta, GA

Specialist Subject: Flyfishing and Guitar-Picking Extraordinaire

Favorite Beverage: Hemingway's Whiskey

Ideal "View": Caribbean Flats

Years in Industry: 23

Experience Led to MVWD: I built a business around large window installation, and have a passion for it. 

Favorite Project: 785 Flagstaff by Hansen Construction. 

Architectural Inspirations: The ancient Greeks, Romans, Frank Lloyd Wright, Norm Abram... oh, and MacGyver.

Scott Hicken

Marketing Director

Scott Hicken MVWD Headshots.png

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Specialist Subject: DJ Extraordinaire

Favorite Beverage: Snowmelt Seltzer

Ideal "View": Top of Flagstaff in Boulder. Sko Buffs!

Years in Industry: 2

Experience Led to MVWD: Expert marketer and storyteller for various industries. I'm now telling the story of construction!

Favorite Project: Art of Construction's first custom modular build.

Architectural Inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright and Bunkminster Fuller


Trusted Advisor


Hometown: Denver, CO

Specialist Subject: Sports Fanatic

Favorite Beverage: Water

Ideal "View": Any secluded mountain location! 

Years in Industry: 2

Experience Led to MVWD: None. I went out on a limb applying for a Sales Support role without any prior experience, and here I am 2 years later! 

Favorite Project: DeLuca Residence

Architectural Inspirations: Mountain Modern is a combination I'm constantly inspired by. 

Brett Reitmair

VP Product Development


Hometown: Denver, CO

Specialist Subject: Garth Brooks Sound-Alike

Favorite Beverage: Clove Water

Ideal "View": From a hike in Idledale, looking directly out over Red Rocks and the Denver skyline! 

Years in Industry: 35

Experience Led to MVWD: While working at another window dealer, Devon said he'd look me up when he started his own company- which he did 

Favorite Project of the Year:  Yamagata Residence in Denver. 

Architectural Inspirations: Miesian, with a Colorado mountain twist! 

Gunther Kuhn

Sales Director


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Specialist Subject: MTB and Ski Addict

Favorite Beverage: Negroni or an Old Fashioned, when done well

Ideal "View": Snow-capped mountains

Years in Industry: 35

Experience Led to MVWD: I was previously a General Contractor, and was one of our customers. 

Favorite Project: 4380 June Point in Avon.

Architectural Inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright

Steven Webster

Trusted Advisor

Hometown: Orono, Minnesota

Specialist Subject: Cooking, traveling and outdoor adventures

Favorite Beverage: Small Batch Bourbons 

Ideal "View": Great Barrier Reef Australia or Cozumel Mexico

Years in Industry: 30

Experience Led to MVWD: Window Traditions of Georgia. My Andersen Window Representatives in Georgia introduced me to Devon Tilly.

Architectural Inspirations: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, and Frank Lloyd Wright.


Logistics Manager


Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico

Specialist Subject: Cool Car Fanatic

Favorite Beverage: Pacifico Beer and Corazón Tequila

Ideal "View": Anywhere in the Colorado mountains. The views are unbeatable!

Years in Industry: 4

Experience Led to MVWD: A change of trades. 

Favorite Project of the Year: The Hilltop residence. 

Architectural Inspirations: Our entire team.

Gordon Phair

Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Specialist Subject: Bass Fishing and Road Bike Expert

Favorite Beverage: Cabernet Sauvignon

Ideal "View": On the back deck at our mountain cabin, soaking in nature. 

Years in Industry: 1

Experience Led to MVWD: A mutual friend and a passion for helping people. 

Favorite Project: Installing patio lights at our house. 

Architectural Inspirations: The design work by Matt McMullen, our GM!

Becky Hogstad

Director of Operations


Hometown: Watertown, SD

Specialist Subject: Monkey Fanatic

Favorite Beverage: Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks

Ideal "View": Driving west, into the mountains. The formations and views of the mountains are majestic! 

Years in Industry: 5

Experience Led to MVWD: Customer service is my passion. Having over 19 years of customer service experience has helped me learn how to interact with clients, keep them smiling, and always put their needs first! 

ED Mcclain 

Trusted Advisor


Hometown: Hazelton, Idaho

Specialist Subject: Evening walks with my lovely Wife

Favorite Beverage: Stranahan’s Whiskey on the rocks or Fresh Cold Water 

Ideal "View": Early morning in Lahaina (Maui) having a fresh cup of Kona Coffee watching the humpback whales breaching

Years in Industry: 40

Experience Led to MVWD: I was looking for a place where the customer, myself and the company could have a better experience. Found It! 

Architectural Inspirations: Large Log Cabins (Yellowstone Ranch Style)  


Logistics Technician

Ricky Rios_edited.jpg

Hometown: Compton, LA

Specialist Subject: Sports and Art

Favorite Beverage: Jose Cuervo & Patron

Ideal "View":  In a nice big house that I’ll build with my wife surrounded by trees and by a river or lake. 

Years in Industry: 5 years doing construction and almost 2 months in MVWD

Experience Led to MVWD: I have experience in construction and installing windows and doors and I love working with my hands.

Architectural Inspirations:  Seeing my uncle doing construction, building homes and seeing all the projects he’s done made me want to get into the trade and learn it and perfect it and to never give up.


Trusted Advisor


Hometown: Gainesville, Florida

Specialist Subject: Bikes, drums, water and snow sports, golf

Favorite Beverage: Belgian-inspired craft beer

Ideal "View": From the top of a mountain I just pedaled up

Years in Industry: 12

Experience Led to MVWD: I went looking for the best window and door supplier in Colorado three years ago...and found Mountain View Window & Door!  

Architectural Inspirations: Lake Flato, Michael Hsu, removing traditional barriers that used to separate outdoors from indoors  


Hardware Expert


Hometown: Denver, CO

Specialist Subject: Expert of All Things Colorado! 

Favorite Beverage: Coke

Ideal "View": Anywhere from the mountains that looks over valleys. 

Years in Industry: 46

Experience Led to MVWD: Originally hired to revive hardware, now working on smaller project leads! 

Favorite Project of the Year: A project of Gunther's with Maves. Beautiful setting.

Architectural Inspirations: I like working as part of the overall team completing a house. I've always worked on luxury projects, and most of them are inspiring in so many ways.  


Logistics Technician


Hometown: Cleveland, Mississippi

Specialist Subject: New Orleans Saints Fan, Kobe Bryant super fan, Atlanta Braves Fan, playing my keyboard, and spending time with my children  

Favorite Beverage: Modelo's , coke,  ice water, and Gatorade 

Ideal "View": In a beach house with my wife and kids with a nice ocean view

Years in Industry: 11

Experience Led to MVWD: carpentry is my passion I love what I do and love working with my hands

Architectural Inspirations:  seeing my grandfather work hard and all the nice projects he has done as a carpenter and it inspires me to get into the same trade and learn it.


Sales Support Specialist

Josh Ruddell - 2_edited.jpg

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

Specialist Subject: Ice Hockey Fanatic

Favorite Beverage: Old Fashioned, Jamo and Coke, or an ice water!

Ideal "View": Anywhere in the mountains, with a fire for warmth and a drink in hand.

Years in Industry: 1.5

Experience Led to MVWD: Some experience and an opportunity at a new career. 

Architectural Inspirations: European churches, the "glass house" concept, and log cabins.


Logistics Support Specialist


Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Specialist Subject: Packers Superfan and Hunting Extraordinaire

Favorite Beverage: Redbreast Whiskey

Ideal "View": From the deck of our cabin in Fraser, CO with... see Favorite Beverage! 

Years in Industry: 1 year in construction, and almost 30 in logistics and manufacturing.

Experience Led to MVWD: An Engineering Degree, Service Centers, Phone Centers, and Adam Sinclair!

Favorite Project: Our MVWD warehouse

Architectural Inspirations: My sister and brother in law's cabin in Fraser. I was directly involved in its construction! 




Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco

Specialist Subject: Travel and Culture Expert and Cook Extraordinaire

Favorite Beverage: Cappuccino

Ideal "View": Any ocean view is fabulous. 

Years in Industry: 6.5

Experience Led to MVWD: I was previously at another door company!

Architectural Inspirations: Our MVWD and AOC team, of course! 


Administrative Assistant


Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA

Specialist Subject: Movie Fanatic

Favorite Beverage: Cosmopolitan

Ideal "View": Anywhere with my kids, hubby, and dogs by my side!

Years in Industry: 1

Experience Led to MVWD: Years of experience in customer service! 

Architectural Inspirations: Our wonderful team here at MVWD and AOC. 


Sales Support Specialist


Hometown: Denver, CO

Specialist Subject: WWII Junkie, Licensed Pizza Sommelier

Favorite Beverage: Rye Old Fashioned

Ideal "View": Off the deck of my families home in Pisek, Czechia

Years in Industry: In construction and design: 7 In windows and Doors: 1

Experience Led to MVWD: Custom work in Eastern CO for business partner in AOC. 

Architectural Inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright, I. M. Pei


Sales Support Specialist


Hometown: Springfield, Illinois 

Specialist Subject: Trivial Pursuit Champion

Favorite Beverage: Rye Whiskey on the rocks

Ideal "View": Either on a beach overlooking the water, or in the mountains watching it snow

Years in Industry: 1yr focusing on windows and doors

Experience Led to MVWD: Custom work in Eastern CO for business partner in AOC. 

Architectural Inspirations:  Frank Lloyd Wright, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry

Grand Junction

Josh Hogstad -

Hometown: Watertown, SD

Specialist Subject: Cornhole Master

Favorite Beverage: Broken Compass Coconut Porter

Ideal "View": Somewhere with a beach and mountains, like St. Martin. 

Years in Industry: 6

Experience Led to MVWD: Practicing the right craft and knowing the right people. 

Favorite Project: A Redlands Mesa Residence with Porter Homes.

Architectural Inspirations: Modern Mountain! 

Brendon bailey

Logistics Manager

Brendon Bailey

Hometown: Shandaken, NY

Specialist Subject: Historical Fiction and Yankees Fanatic

Favorite Beverage: Mango Seltzer

Ideal "View": The Catskill mountains

Years in Industry: 7

Experience Led to MVWD: I moved to CO in September 2016, to continue my career after 3 years in NY

Favorite Project: A Redlands Mesa Residence with Porter Homes.

Architectural Inspirations: I'm inspired by seeing homes built from beginning to end.


Managing Advisor

Bob Haynes - Trusted Advisor

Hometown: Montrose, CO

Specialist Subject: The People's Recluse

Favorite Beverage: High quality H20... and the occasional glass of Tito's. 

Ideal "View": Behind the wheel of my truck, driving anywhere in America. 

Years in Industry: 26

Experience Led to MVWD: Many years in retail, most in building materials sales and management. 

Favorite Project: A Redlands Mesa Residence with Porter Homes.

Architectural Inspirations: Too many to name, but I'm a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and also enjoy many types of ancient architecture. 

De Wayne

Trusted Advisor


Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Specialist Subject: Cycling enthusiast and wanna-be mountain biker.

Favorite Beverage: Anything with an umbrella! 

Ideal "View": From Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, looking at Half Dome and Vernal Falls during sunset. 

Years in Industry: 24

Experience Led to MVWD: When relocating to the Western Slope from the Mid-west, I was looking for a company that was an industry leader. MVWD was it! 

Architectural Inspirations: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Think European churches! 

Mark Deines

Trusted Advisor


Hometown: Wray, CO

Specialist Subject: Unfortunate Attempter at Humor

Favorite Beverage: Guinness Extra Stout Beer

Ideal "View": A mountain valley with a river or lake. 

Years in Industry: 20

Experience Led to MVWD: The decision to move from the Front Range to the Western Slope, with MVWD being the best opportunity in my arena. 

Favorite Project of the Year: Adagio Properties

Sherry Larson

AR Associate


Hometown: Weatherford, OK

Specialist Subject: Avid Dog Walker

Favorite Beverage: Coffee and Wine

Ideal "View": Mountains with lakes. The hills reflecting off the water are breathtaking.

Years in Industry: 1/2

Experience Led to MVWD: 40 years in customer service, credit and collections.

Favorite Project: New floors throughout our house. 

Architectural Inspirations: I'm always inspired by the outdoor living portions of the home, especially builds of patios and gazebos.

Brian Standard Sr.

Logistics Technician