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Starting a business is fun. Growing and transforming an entire industry is challenging. As the visionary for the company, my passion is attracting the best talent and empowering them to create an experience that enhances your lifestyle. We are here because of you. From a kid with a lawnmower business, to leading MVWD, this has been an exciting journey, and meeting people like you continues to make it fun. I invite you to experience the Mountain View Experience. It’s all about you!


VP Product Development

A Colorado native, I sold my first window for Hugh M. Woods in 1983. For over three decades I've worked in the building industry as a Consultant, Lead Estimator, Project Manager, and GC and Window Industry Professional. My wife, family (six kids), and I are blessed abundantly by God to live here. I've always enjoyed the ability this field gives me to provide clients with a better view of our beautiful state. I am highly privileged to work with Devon and the MVWD team we've assembled; truly the best in the business.


Trusted Advisor

Breaking the mold of the building industry! Questioning why the sale of home improvement projects has been like buying a used car, and why the sale of new construction items is based on the buddy or price point only system. Building destinations that can answer your questions and teams that genuinely care about you, whatever your needs are! Laughing and enjoying life with my husband, John, who teases me relentlessly about breaking the mold of a man's industry. Loving my kind-hearted girls more than they will ever know! Being grateful for every opportunity to learn and teach.


Logistics Technician

I've been in construction in one form or another my whole adult life. I've always taken a lot of pride in the work I do and have enjoyed helping people with their needs. I look forward to doing my best for all of our clients at Mountain View Window & Door.

AAMA Installation Master

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General Manager

I have over 34 years of experience in the design, construction and real estate fields. I am a licensed architect in Colorado, California and Texas, and a licensed real estate broker associate in the state of Colorado. With this depth and varied experience, I am now jumping into the window & door business. I have worked with Mountain View Window & Door from the client end on many amazing projects over the years, and am thrilled to now be working here directly to bring the same amazing Mountain View Window & Door experience I had to all of you!