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THE Mountain View virtual Experience


  • Provide a permanent, digital log of what's behind the walls before they're covered

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and team members anywhere in the world

  • Instantly view detailed areas of a building from any internet-connected device

  • Give future building or home owners a record of the locations of wires, pipes, ductwork, etc. as well as measurements and a record of all product information

  • Easily create stunning photo galleries for your marketing and social media teams

See how the Mountain View Virtual Experience is poised to become an indispensable part of the contractor/builder process. Just a few simple steps can increase job productivity, reduce customer call-backs and decrease liability. 

We've even completed some Virtual Experiences of ours and our partners' showrooms!

Virtual Experience Interest



Hilltop one

"This is the most fantastic tool I have ever seen for 3D representation of the project! I was able to use it to find details like pipes, cables, and ductwork to make necessary corrections. This is saving time and costs for both the subcontractors and myself. Thanks MVWD for supplying this! This should be a part of every project both before insulation and also after completion!"

Hilltop one (During construction)

- Jim, General Contractor, Hilltop Project

University Hills Spec House

FJ Builders Home (During  construction)

"As a builder, I've gotten hooked on using the Virtual Experience pre-insulation on all of my projects. The cost is no comparison to the savings from not making unnecessary holes during trim or after completion of a home. I have shared the virtual scan with all trades including my plumbers, electricians, framers, and even the homeowners. Before the scan I knew to always video my projects, but the file size ended up being so large and I always ended up missing critical areas. With this I have neither of those problems.​​ This is now a standard practice in my company and my subs expect it."  

- Frank, FJ Progressive Builders

Saddleback Golf Course

Country Road Barn

University Hills Spec House Photo Gallery

F9 Productions Headquarters

Deco Moderne Mullet phase 1

This "Before and After" clip was created

with the Virtual Experience and features Andersen E-Series windows and entry door! With the Virtual Experience you can overlay exact matching photos in each scan to create stunning social media clips! 

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