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New Denver Trusted Advisor - Steven Webster

We recently hired a new Trusted Advisor at our Denver location, Steven Webster. He just moved to Denver from Atlanta, Georgia where he worked at Window Traditions of Georgia. We asked Steven to tell us a little bit about himself and why he works in the window & door industry:

"People often comment about my passion for homes and my interest in creating unique living environments. This passion is based on my experiences and belief that one’s home is most often where truly great memories with family and friends are made.

I have worked in the Housing Industry for 30+ years as a Realtor, Designer and General Contractor. In each of these roles, I have been responsible for providing personalized consultation and support to clients during very important moments in their lives in the construction process. My background in Interior and Architectural Design, and the energy that I get from teaming with others, enables me to effectively collaborate and co-create with Architects, Builders, and Designers, along with their clients, to build the client’s dream home. I leverage my strong customer orientation, teamwork and exceptional attention to details to deliver the best solutions for each customer – regardless the size of their project.

In the past 25 years I have completed 6 major residential projects on the 4 homes my wife and I have owned. In each of these projects, I made a point to incorporate existing unique elements within the home that would have a dramatic impact to the design, and transform the home’s character to last a lifetime.

Beside my passion in design, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking for family and friends, gardening, playing golf, skiing, scuba diving and traveling."

We are very excited to have Steven be a part of the Mountain View Window & Door Family, and we look forward to seeing the beautiful projects he will help bring to life for you!

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