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Miesian Modern Muse: A Home of the Century in Denver's Idyllic Neighborhood

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

There is no doubt the Mile High City has some of the world’s most picturesque views. Denver’s immense growth reflects just that, with building needs both in the city and surrounding suburbs increasing constantly. And although the city seems more bustling than ever, one community in southeast Denver has remained the quaint, single-family neighborhood it’s been for over 100 years with both historical and modern homes that require finest-quality windows and doors to be supplied and installed. Mountain View Window and Door has completed various specialty projects in the area, but every so often we contribute to a home so magical, special attention simply must be paid.

Designed as a Destination

Style is synonymous with Cherry Hills Village, and the types of architecture differ from home to home. Just next door and to the west of Buell Mansion, an iconic century-old Georgian Revival-styled residence, lies this incredible modern home that incorporates Miesian and West Coast Modern features. Together, these two properties showcase prime real estate of then and now, and symbolize east meeting west in terms of design.

With ample time and excellent resources, this vacation home was built as a personal resort. The key details that the architect included in this design are flat and slightly-angled roofs, large overhangs, stained wood finishes, an open floor plan, orientation to natural views and large-scale glazing. Cohesively, they create a sense of indoor-outdoor living and unmatched spaciousness throughout the entire home.

The radiance of sunlight combined with the rich, earthy elements of dark wood, wide fireplaces and red accents continuously provide sumptuous warmth and wellbeing in the living areas. Asian influence also envelops the property, as an homage to the homeowner’s Japanese heritage.

Not only does the home’s openness and expansive glass provide bright aesthetics, but the natural lighting and blurring of the indoor-outdoor threshold also provide benefits that reach far beyond fashion. From reductions in stress and anxiety, to improved mood and immunity, the light is an element that’s elevated the home into a true oasis just as the homeowners wished. To learn more about the relationship between home lighting and personal wellness, read a fascinating post from KGA Studio Architects here!

Stepping into the master bathroom is stepping into a modern spa, with clean-lined countertops and cabinets, ornate lighting fixtures and vanity mirrors that double as TVs. Without ever compromising privacy, views of the tranquil surrounding landscape are visible from any angle, including the sinks, plush ottoman and corner jacuzzi tub.

Keeping Mountain Views in Mind with Andersen E-Series

Deep browns and wooden finishes surrounding the windows were chosen to compliment the limestone walls, setting a balance of earthiness and refinement.

With acres (and sometimes centuries) between homes in Cherry Hills Village, advancements in building products and processes have come incredibly far, while still preserving those mountain views that are signature of the neighborhood. To incorporate these views throughout the home, Brett Reitmair, our Trusted Advisor and VP of Product Development has pioneered a detail of keeping the look of the structure around the glass very minimal and clean.

“Because of the desire to keep structure between units as thin as possible, I developed the detail of using .25” thick by 2.75” deep steel vertical Flitch plates between the units as framing structure; creating individual rough openings between the factory mulled, vertically stacked units within each window wall system,” Brett said. “Part of what makes the window walls in this project so elegant is the diminutive native jamb depth and thus, more pronounced and cleaner drywall return. This detail was so successfully implemented and received, we’ve gone on to present and make use of it on seven subsequent projects I’ve been involved in. It’s also now being used by some of our other Trusted Advisors for their clients’ jobs.”

Window walls can raise concerns for the builder in terms of structure and performance, especially in a state with unpredictable weather patterns. The thought of too much glass may allude to not enough insulation, or limited energy efficiency. But not all windows are created equal and expertise is required to safely push architectural boundaries. Having worked on countless projects with big glass, it was an obvious choice for Brett to use the crème de la crème of contemporary Andersen product on this project the Architectural Collection.

Window walls stacked upon each other with slight structure in between create floor-to-ceiling scenery.

Thanks to their performance and versatility in size, shape and color, E-Series windows gave the architect and homeowner the creative freedom to make this home a masterpiece, and the builder peace of mind to pursue the intricate, complex visions. Bespoke in almost all respects, they’re the ultimate paintbrush for luxury-centric architects and builders, as they meet (and usually exceed) both aesthetic desires and construction requirements.

To learn more from Brett about the Andersen Architectural Collection and E-Series windows, check out the MVTV video below!

A Living Art for Years to Come

This peaceful palace was so well-received, it was featured in the March and April 2021 Circle of Excellence edition of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, which you can read here. It also placed gold in the Best in American Living 2020 Awards, where critics raved about the residence. “The judges praised the interiors. They loved the interplay of roofs and the placement of windows.”

Limitless combinations of shapes are another E-Series feature that allow more of the structure to be open, as trapezoids and rectangles enhance the drama of the stacked, angled roofs.

It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Montare Builders, KGA Studio Architects, and so many other amazing partners on this home and the views it holds. Being a seven-year labor of love, it exudes the character of both the homeowners and the neighborhood itself. The residents anticipate their grandchildren to run around and enjoy the home, just as the Buell children enjoyed the same sense of leisure in their mansion many years ago. As Denver continues to grow, it’s safe to say Cherry Hills Village and its noteworthy homes will serve as a hub of inspiration, wellbeing and extravagance for at least another hundred years and we’ll be there every step of the way to serve their luxury window and door needs.


May 20, 2021

Awesome content, and fabulous job providing cutting edge tools for professionals to use in the window & door industry and beyond! I especially liked the informative piece written by Shannon Ricketts at KGA Studio Architects correlating light with quality of life in so many ways. Ben Wood - Archadeck Outdoor Living


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