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The Latest Door Trends in Denver

When is a door not a door? When it’s a statement piece that welcomes visitors into a home. Although it’s easy enough to pick a standard interior or exterior door and focus on other design elements to draw the eye, a door doesn’t have to just be functional.

Whether you’re looking for a pop of color, a luxurious statement piece or a way to manage energy costs, doors can do a lot more than keep the outside out and the inside in.

Here are some of the trends in interior and exterior doors we are most excited about for the Denver area.

New Technology

For all the modern technology that surrounds us, traditional door lock technology has changed very little. But new smart locks are becoming more common on the market, and the technology more reliable, even in Colorado’s tough weather conditions.

Smart locks connect via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone, meaning you’ll never have to fumble for your keys again. And even if you realize you forgot to lock the door once you've left for work, you don’t have to double back. Pair a smart lock with a video doorbell for extra security for your home.

Modern Lines and Bright Colors

Straight lines and lots of glass are becoming a popular entry door and patio door trend. These modern features make for an open and welcoming feature as visitors arrive. Add a bright exterior color (like one of the 50 available from our partner, Andersen Windows and Doors) to really set your entrance apart from the neighborhood. Blue is an especially popular door color trend in 2019.

Bring the Outside In

Sliding doors are redefining the boundaries of both a home’s interior and exterior. The lowly patio door has now become a central feature of living rooms, dining rooms and more, blurring the lines between living indoors and outdoors.

And with the evolution of large sliding doors, bigger has truly become better. Increasing standard dimensions is a popular patio door trend. Where older sliding doors might only be three to four feet wide, modern designs can be ten feet, twelve feet or more. This provides an unobstructed view to the backyard, the foothills or other green spaces.

Keep Energy Costs Down

With more glass and bigger panels, the question of insulation inevitably comes up. Denver had snow well into early May this year, so choosing exterior doors that keep a home properly insulated is now more critical than ever, even year-round.

Modern glass panel doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Western Window Systems offers glass doors with low U-value, meaning they have low heat transfer from the inside to the outside. Choose from argon-filled panes to gain even more energy benefit from triple-paned glass. These options are both beautiful and will help lower energy costs for years.

Distinctive Hardware

Sometimes you don’t need to replace the whole door to update the look of a home’s entrance or interior. Instead, updating the hardware is enough. Metallic accents or matte black finishes are a way to change the look of your door, without going for a full replacement.

If you want to go one step further, sliding barn doors are a great way to expand your space and stay on trend using visible hardware. Barn doors can be solid or glass, and the sliding track means the door doesn’t have to be limited to the size of the opening, so there are plenty of opportunities to get creative and change up a home’s interior.

Another hardware option that is growing in popularity is the pivot door. Like barn doors, this feature adds both a retro and modern feel to a home interior, while saving space. And pivot doors are ideally suited to glass panels, giving the illusion of space even in the coziest home.

Which Door Is Right for You?

Feeling inspired by these popular door trends in Denver? We definitely are! Whether it’s a pop of color on your entry door or a sliding barn door in your living room, there is sure to be a trend that every designer and homeowner can get behind.

If you want to bring these trends into your home design, see the complete selection of interior and exterior doors available at the Mountain View Windows & Doors website.

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