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Three Andersen Products Made for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Summer may be ending soon, but construction of all kinds is busier now more than ever, especially in Colorado. In a state where nature is truly the most significant inspiration, one of the hottest trends in homebuilding and commercial construction is the concept of indoor-outdoor living. The Trusted Advisors at Mountain View Window & Door have a keen sense of the trend, as well as extensive product knowledge to create a space that exudes the client’s personal taste. Here are three products from Andersen that are simply made for indoor-outdoor living in both residential and commercial builds.

Weiland Liftslide Countertop Door by Andersen

A huge perk of indoor-outdoor living is the ease of residential entertainment, and the Weiland Liftslide countertop door by Andersen is the ideal pass-through option for clients to break the barrier between their kitchen counter and patio area. Pass-through windows are an ultimate space saver as they eliminate the need for a larger product, like a swinging door. Without blocking any passageways in and out of the home, the transport of items and flow of the kitchen is kept as efficient as possible. The smooth indoor-outdoor transition is due to the minimal 3/16” flush track above the countertop. To learn more about the Weiland Liftslide countertop door, check out the video from MVTV below!

Andersen Multiglide Sliding Doors

One of the most popular Andersen products used to achieve indoor-outdoor living is the Multiglide sliding door within the Big Doors line. The product is incredibly clean-lined and a cinch to operate while closed or open, because of the stack flush. Creating floor-to-ceiling views with these larger-than-life doors requires some extra steps, as our logistics team carefully assembles the frames in our warehouse prior to installation. Once ready to install, the team utilizes certain tools to help lift and maneuver the glass up to the opening – with their favorites being the Wood’s Powr Grip and SmartLift.

Earthy elements and easy access to the patio with Andersen’s Multiglide sliding doors turn this Cherry Hills Village residence into an indoor-outdoor oasis. Windows and doors were provided and installed by MVWD.

Andersen E-Series Picture Windows

Although a window that doesn't move may presumably contradict the indoor-outdoor living lifestyle, the Andersen E-Series picture window is anything but inhibiting. With the ability to go 12 feet high by 5 feet wide per panel, walls of windows with unobstructed views are the essence of E-Series. These windows are aluminum-clad, which is more resistant to the elements and energy-efficient than basic wood-framed windows. With a clean drywall return and thin structure between panels, E-Series allows for glass to be an integral and uninterrupted element of the build’s design.

E-Series fixed windows provide a fresh, clean aesthetic and copious amounts of sunlight in this Denver Hilltop residence. Windows and doors were provided and installed by MVWD.

Benefits of Indoor-Outdoor Living

Not only do these intentional placements of large glass create brighter, more open spaces, but the controlled exposure to the surrounding scenery hosts a multitude of benefits for physical and mental wellbeing. The body’s circadian rhythm balances alertness, digestion, concentration, sleep and many more essential functions, so it is crucial that it be synchronized – with exposure to light during daytime and darkness at night. By living and working in naturally lit and visually stimulating built environments, the rhythm is balanced and is shown to increase productivity and energy levels, elevate the mood, provide a boost to the immune system and suppress the release of melatonin to nighttime.

It’s no question that certain building trends will come and go as processes advance and preferences change. But because of the clear views, literal breathability and improvement to quality of life, we believe indoor/outdoor living is here to stay. And as always, Mountain View Window & Door is here to assist you in developing a space that blurs the line between interior and exterior, while providing unparalleled views for your clients.


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